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About Nasal-Phyto

Nasal-Phyto Pharmaceutical Technology Group Co., Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in 2018, and landed in Pingshan in June 2019. Currently we have a R & D office and established a pilot and pre-pilot production workshop.  We are the first pharmaceutical technology Co., Ltd. specializing in nano-drug of nasal-brain delivery system. We have developed a novel delivery platform, the self-contained carrier-free nasal nanotechnology, that administers medicine deep into the nasal cavity. We dedicated to develop intranasal drug treatments for central nervous system (CNS) disorders.

Corporate Vision

Create an international first-class CNS drug development platform
Nasal-Phyto Pharmaceutical Technology Group Co., Ltd We will always strive to build a bridge between basic research and clinical applications, create a world-class "CNS drug research and development platform", be the implementer of future medical concepts, and bring safe and effective "made in China" innovative drugs to patients with brain diseases.

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What We Do ?

We are the world's first Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in nano-dose nasal-brain delivery system, featuring self-contained carrier-free nasal cavity nano-technology. It has great application prospects for a series of innovative drugs and improved new drugs for neurological diseases.
We independently developed the world's first intelligent integrated nasal delivery device for small animals. The exclusive patented device can realize preclinical drug efficacy research and assist in the development of new drugs, which has great application prospects.
In addition, Nasal-Phyto Pharmaceutical biomedical engineering research and development team is developing a precision drug delivery device for clinical applications, which has better adaptability and safety, and can provide new and efficient treatment approaches for patients with brain diseases in the future.
Nasal-Phyto Pharmaceutical also provides new dosage forms for brain targeted drug delivery and scientific research consulting services to global pharmaceutical companies and major scientific research institutes, and is committed to promoting the application of brain science and transformation and the development of innovative drugs for brain diseases.

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